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Mission Statement

As a clinically integrated network of physicians across central Alabama, the
St. Vincent’s Physician Alliance will develop and maintain clinical initiatives that improve the quality and efficiency of patient care.  In collaboration with St. Vincent’s Health System, our measurable brand of “healthcare value” will be demonstrated to patients, payers, and employers by the coordination and delivery of exceptional person-centered care with an emphasis on population health and effective management of chronic conditions.

                        Goals                                           Objectives

Become the most influential, clinically integrated, physician network in Alabama.

To allow for group contracting with payers and employers based upon our improved quality and controlled costs.

Implement system-wide IT infrastructure to support data sharing from both ambulatory and inpatient documentation.

To facilitate connectivity among providers and create a meaningful database to more effectively manage the performance of patient care across the continuum of hospital, clinic, transitional care, and community.

Decrease clinical practice variation.

To control costs, decrease wastes, and improve clinical outcomes.

Form an integral partnership with STVHS as a strong, vibrant Catholic health ministry that leads to a transformation of healthcare.

To commit to the health and wellbeing of our community and respond to the needs of individuals throughout the life cycle.


  We Are Called To: Service of the Poor ~ Reverence ~ Integrity ~ Wisdom ~ Creativity ~ Dedication
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