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At St. Vincent's, we believe it is as much our obligation to prevent illness as it is to diagnose and treat it. Our Corporate Health Programs are designed to promote healthy lifestyles to businesses and employees in the Birmingham metropolitan area.

For more than two decades, St. Vincent's has provided quality Health programs designed to help individuals achieve healthier, more satisfying, and productive lives. Simple health screenings can detect serious illness in their early stages and that is why St. Vincent's Corporate Health Programs not only benefit employers, but the employees as well.

St. Vincent's Corporate Health serves businesses surrounding Birmingham, Alabama and also ventures into other parts of the state. Highly experienced staff administers all St. Vincent's Corporate Health Programs and each individual is counseled immediately following their test.


Lowers healthcare costs
Strengthens employer/employee relationships
Shows corporate commitment for the employee's health
Lowers absenteeism, disability, and job replacement costs
Boosts employee morale and productivity
Improves the lives of your valuable employees

Call today and let St. Vincent's help your company develop an effective strategy for controlling health care costs and enhancing the productivity and quality of life of your employees.

If your company is located in the Birmingham area and would like additional information about St. Vincent's Corporate Health Programs, please contact
St. Vincent's Corporate Health at (205) 939-7784 or
e-mail us.

Our Corporate Health Programs Include:

Executive Health Program
Occupational Health Clinics
Health Services
Lunch & Learns
Health Fairs
Health Screenings
Weight Management
Nutrition Education
Smoking Cessation
Women's Health Issues

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